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What is this?

  • This is a digital public engagement platform for adults and young adults.

  • You will be asked to "upvote" things. Upvotes are your clicks and act as votes on important issues. They add up.

  • You have to log in (sorry) to upvote things. When you log in, you help us make sure clicks aren't counted multiple times.

  • We will take your collective clicks and show business and government what we want.
  • Why Deskboy?  Deskboy is the web guy's inner child. He's a better host than the actual grown up web guy.

Hi, I'm Deskboy.

I made a desk to talk to you!

Instead of measuring clicks for advertising purposes, all of us can use the shared data here to quantify our priorities, serve the planet and support people striving for sustainability and social justice.