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    A.I. Boy asks: Will there be snow when I grow up?

    Future clickpaths:

    • Climate: We Must Try
    • Climate: Innovation
    • Climate: Legislation
  • Magic

    A.I. Boy asks: Do you see the magic in the world?

    Future clickpaths:

    • The Magic of Nature
    • The Magic of Science
    • The Magic of Spirituality
  • Lies

    A.I. Boy asks: Is it ok to lie?

    Future clickpaths:

    • Lies for Political Gain
    • The Big Lie
    • Lies Can Be Criminal
  • Hate

    A.I. Boy says: Don't be haters.

    Future clickpaths:

    • Hating Haters
    • Being Hated
    • Xenophobia
    • Scapegoating
  • Books

    A.I. Boys asks: Why don't some kids have books?

    Future clickpaths:

    • Redlining / Property Taxes / School Funding
    • Institutional Racism
    • Equality & Justice
  • Reality

    A.I. Boys asks: What is real?

    Future clickpaths:

    • Being Wrong
    • The World of Energy
    • Altered States
    • Gratitude & Mindfulness
  • Woke

    A.I. Boy says: WOKE is Love

    Future clickpaths:

    • Wonder
    • Opportunity
    • Kindness
    • Empathy

    There are approximately 7.8 billion people in the world.  5 billion of us are on the internet. Your clicks generate data. Just by clicking you can help define WhutNext.  

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